The Hebrew word Shalom means more than peace. It is used as a greeting and goodbye. It is a Judeo-Christian state of being. And when we find ourselves tossed around on the storms of life, we can find hope like an anchor, with just this one word Shalom. We can speak Shalom to the storms like Jesus and take courage in everything it represents. The Shalom candle was created to help remind you of what this word means,  and also help you stay focused on the goodness and assurances of God. It is a great accompaniment to your devotional and prayer time. 


The combination of Jasmine and Neroli is mild, fresh and uplifting. Much like the fragrance of the Lord's presence. 


All our products are made in an atmosphere of prayer and worship. We anoint, pray and prophesy over each candle before it is shipped/delivered. 

Phossify candles are hand poured in small batches and carefully cured for your enjoyment.


Ingredients – All natural soy wax, grown and processed in the US. Cotton or wood wicks. Premium fragrance oil blend with essential oils.


All our products are free of lead, phthalates, parabens and additives.


Artisan Created. Hand Poured. Soy Wax

Net Weight – 17 Oz

Approximate Burn Time - 100 hours