Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Why Soy wax?

Great Question. Here are some reasons we prefer using soy wax. * Soy wax is completely biodegradable, sustainable and renewable. * It is plant-based and has no additives. * It is free of petroleum products such as paraffin. * Soy wax is all natural, non-toxic and non-hazardous. * Soy wax has no animal residues, and therefore is vegan. * Soy burns slower and cleaner, leaving minimal soot or residue.

What is a soy wax blend?

Sometimes, a candle is made with more than one type of wax. Sometimes, it could be 2 or 3 types of soy wax, or more typically, it is a blend of soy and paraffin. Many candle makers prefer using a blend such as parasoy (paraffin-soy), because a blended wax sometimes looks and behaves better.

We only use pure soy and do not blend our waxes.

Why do my candles look funny/odd, especially after I burn them?

A mottled and uneven appearance is quite normal for a soy wax candle. Sometimes, the candle appears imperfect right after it is poured. Other times it looks perfect, but changes after its burned. After burning, it is quite normal for soy wax to solidify in an uneven manner. Sometimes, the candle might change from the original creamy color and texture to a slightly brownish color. This depends on the composition of the fragrance oil as well as the way the wax and wick react to various burn conditions. There really is little that can be done to alter these effects. Rest assured, that these are cosmetic changes and do not indicate a lack of quality or purity in the candle.

Do you use essential oils? Tell me about your fragrance oils

One of the most commonly asked questions is, if our candles are made with essential oils. True, there are several essential oils used in our fragrances. However, they are not entirely made with essential oils. There are a few different reasons for that.

  • Essential oils are not necessarily stable when they are heated to the burn temperature of a candle. They have much lower flashpoints than fragrance oils. The oil can separate from the wax and catch fire, thereby posing a hazard. This is the main reason we do not use esential oils.
  • The fragrance oils we use are very high-grade blends with both essential oils, and some synthetic compounds. Not all synthetic compounds are created equal. Some of the lower quality fragrance oils contain cheaper synthetic compounds and are often inexpensive. Candle makers can therefore create cheaper candles, but they contain a higher concentration of toxic chemicals.
  • A common way to know if your candle is really of a good quality is check if you get headaches after using them.

Can I recycle the candle jars?

Yes, please! You can repurpose or recycle them.

If you are repurposing the jars, you can clean them by pouring hot water into the jar. That will loosen any wax residue. DO NOT pour any wax down the drain. You can cool it till the wax collects on the surface, remove the wax and then wipe the jars clean with paper towels. Or you can pour the melted wax and hot water into the trash bin.

The hot water also loosens the wick base. If it doesn’t come out easily, use pliers to pull it off gently. Wash thoroughly with warm soapy water and your jar is now ready to be repurposed!

If you do not want the jar, please put it in the recycle bin. Almost everything in the candle is recyclable.

Don’t forget to order your next batch of candles!

Headaches. Why do some candles give me a headache?

One of our favorite customer comments is that they do not get headaches from our candles. We take extra care to source our phthalate-free fragrances from some of the best manufacturers. Our suppliers take pride in ensuring that they use only the safest and best fragrance compounds, and we take pride in using some the best quality fragrances in the candle market. We hope you have a pleasant experience with each of our products!!

Do you products contain phthalates

To the best of our knowledge, the fragrances we use are phthalate free.

Are your candles organic?

Simple answer – No.

Explanation? – Sure!! Thanks for asking! :-)

There is very little organic or non-gmo soybean that is grown for commercial purposes, in the US. Even if the soybean is grown organically, the vegetable oil undergoes a chemical change when it is converted from oil to wax form. Technically, it is not accurate to call a soy wax candle as being organic. Some manufacturers claim that they are able to remove all the inorganic/chemical compounds from the wax during processing. That does not however make the product organic. To be truly organic, it must be free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc while it is being grown, not at post processing. At that point, we are still left with land and soil that has endured harsh treatment. We are not sure if such claims are truly verifiable or reliable. We do not want to label ourselves in such ways as a marketing ploy. However, we endeavor to keep working towards improving our products and using only the best quality of wax and fragrances. We also try and stay abreast of all technological advances in these areas. If you know something that you think we should be aware of, please do send us a note. We'd love to hear from you!

Where is the soy wax manufactured?

Our soy wax is all American! We take pride in sourcing all our soy wax from American manufacturers and processers who in turn source their soybean oil from American growers.

Where is the candle made? Who makes them?

Phossify Candles is located in the Seattle area, in Washington State. All the candles are handcrafted, that is hand poured in small batches and cured to perfection.

Are your candles Kosher

This was an interesting question to address.

Here’s a link to understanding if Phossify candles can be used for Shabbat.

Based on’s standards, Phossify candles do seem to be Kosher! But we will let you make that decision, since we are no experts on the subject. Any feedback, input, requests or teaching regarding this is most welcome. Please send us a note via our contact page. Shalom to you!

Are you candles vegan

Yes. The soy wax we use does not have any animal or insect residues or additives.

When we have beeswax in our products, they will be clearly labeled.

Do you test on animals?

Our candles are never tested on animals. And our suppliers assure us that they do not test their products on animals. We are cruelty free.

How long do your candles last? What's the burn time

Our typical 8 Oz candle burns for about 50 hours. Keep your candle away from drafts and windows, because that will lower your burn time.

Wax melts typically carry fragrance for 15-20 hours depending on ventilation of the room.

Why won't my candle stay lit? Help!

Despite the extensive testing we do, there might be the occasional candle that just refuses to stay lit.

Please write to us at and help us understand what is happening. Send us a picture or a video as well.

Do you use wicks with lead?

No. Our wicks are lead free! Most leading wicks in the US are lead free.

I think my candle tin is rusting. Why is my candle rusting?

It might look like rust but that’s not rust. Most fragrances contain vanillin in varying quantities. Vanillin sometimes causes discoloration of wax, and often it forms a circle around the tin, making it look like rust. We try our best to source tins which have a protective coating to prevent that reaction. This is cosmetic in nature and should in no way impact the qualty of your candle.

Shipping Information

When will my order arrive?

We ship all products in stock within 3 business days from receiving the order. In the event that we’re unable to ship your candles within 3 days, we will inform you.

If it is out of stock and you have preordered the product, you will receive an estimated time of delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship within US and Canada.

We are open to receiving enquiries for international shipments. You would be responsible for customs and related expenses. Please be sure to write to us at and let’s talk.

Returns & Refund Policy

What is your return and refund policies?

Our goal is to make sure you are happy with your purchase. But sometimes things don’t always work out as planned. Here’s a list of our policies for returns and refunds.

Unused and unlit candles can be returned for a refund.

Please email at for a return/refund within 7 days of delivery and be sure to send back the item in original packaging, within 14 days of delivery.

Refunds will be processed within 5 days from receipt of the returned goods.

We do not cover shipping for returns, or refund shipping costs.

We cannot accept used/lit products.

We do not accept returns for custom orders and/or private label candles.

If you have questions about your order, please write to us at and we will try to address them.

My candles were damaged in transit. What do I do? ☹

This can be so frustrating! We understand! We take a lot of care to wrap and protect our candles and products carefully, but sometimes things do happen in transit.

If the damage was caused during delivery, please follow the instructions below and we will ship you a new candle as a replacement.

If your candle/product was damaged in transit, please take clear photos of the damage and send the pictures to us at within 5 days of delivery. If your package is damaged from the outside, be sure to take pictures of the damaged box. This will help us get a better response from the carrier.

If you have any evidence of careless delivery, (such as video or photo from your doorbell camera), it will help us to get the necessary compensation for damage.

Please remember that for small businesses, shipping is an extremely expensive component. We do incur losses when carriers don’t make responsible deliveries. Any information that will help in bringing a resolution and ensuring that neither the business nor the you, our loyal customer suffers, is most appreciated.

Insider tit-bit - we pray over every shipment that is delivered safely! :-)

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

We can accept cancellations for items in stock, before the order is shipped. Once the product has been shipped, we cannot accept cancellations.

We do not take cancellations for custom orders. Please contact us via email should an unexpected situation arise in case of a personal special event, such as a wedding or baby shower. We cannot take full cancellations, but we will try to work something out.

Candle Care & Instructions

My candle needs caring?

Lighting your new candle up is just the beginning. There is a right way to burn candles and with these few tips, you can enjoy your candle more and for longer too.

* Start by choosing the right location. Ensure that your candle is not catching any drafts. Even a small draft can cause a flickering flame and make it burn a little faster. Always, look for a nice, even and steady flame.

* Keep your candle away from windows. Keep away from drapes and other flammables.

* Find a flat, stable and open space to set your candle on. A kitchen counter or island and a center table are some examples.

* Kids and pets are drawn to candles naturally. Make sure you keep them away from young kiddos as well as your pets.

Soy wax has memory. This is one of the most important things to know about burning a soy candle. The first time you burn a candle, make sure you keep it lit till the wax melts all the way to the sides of the jar or container. The melted wax is called the melt-pool. It typically takes between 1-2 hours for the right width and depth melt-pool to form. But once you allow that full melt pool to form, the candle retains it as a memory. The next time you burn your candle, it will burn all the way to the edge of the candle. If your blow out your new candle before it reaches a full melt pool, it will develop a memory to only melt to that point. The next time you light it up, the melt pool will reach the edge and then melt downwards, causing a tunneling effect. Tunneling reduces the burn time of your total candle, because a lot of wax and fragrance on the sides will remain unmelted and therefore be wasted.

Ensure that your wick is no more than a 1/4 of an inch long. Before each burn, trim the wick with a wick trimmer, scissors or tweezers. This ensures that your flame looks good and at the right height. With trimmed wicks, you get a cleaner burn and a neater looking candle.

Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours. The hotter your jar gets, the more unsafe and unstable your candle gets. After 4 hours, allow it to cool completely before lighting it up again.

Do not handle or move your candle when it is hot or burning. Some of our containers are made of metal, and they obviously get very hot when lit. Please be careful.

When your candle burns down and there’s about a ½ inch of wax left at the bottom, it is a good time to blow it out and stop burning it. Burning it down further than that will cause soot to form, and it will also heat up the jar. Neither of those is safe. Please put it out and light your next Phossify Candle to continue the aromatic experience.